Shortlisting of Universities

Generally according to your marks your college allocation process will be held,but apart from that our consultancy gives youdirectly choice to elect the university from our listed universities.

We try to give the complete guidance and support to our students in various ways to achieve the desired goals according to the capability of Individuals.

We shortlisting of universities as per each individual student selection parameters such as :

-  Ranking

-  Academic Percentage

-  Scores in Entrance Exam

-  Budget

-  Location

-  Opportunities for Scholarships/Assistantships

-  Campus Safety

-  Opportunities for Part time Jobs

-  Feedback from Existing Students

-  Weather

Shortlisting of Universities

Ranking is the key for having the entry in any university, Based upon the rank colleges are allocated and in that we need to go for a study, but at thalluri's you can choose any one of the university from the Listed universities of thalluri's and not only you can choose but we will guide you the right choice which perfectly match to your academic profile.

Academic Percentage

To start anything that might be in terms of achieving the goals and making a career plans including with the growth opportunities ,Academic percentages plays an important role, but recently most of the students are unable to find the right university according to the academic percentage profile, due to the proper guidance and assistance, but we does not only give the proper guidance assistance but also resolving the queries, In order to provide you a perfect path which decides your wonderful upcoming future.

Scores in Entrance Exam

Our faculty members help you out to focus on the various key points in order to get qualified in entrance exams.


Our team expertise helps you out with all the possible scenarios including with the budget aid, Do you know most of the meritorious students get fail in order to achieve their dreams because of the budget plan but we provide the guidance on financial aids along with the scholarship assistance to achieve the specific goals.


After researching on the various countries like US, Canada, New Zealand, IRELAND, UK and Australia, these are the various countries where we are going to provide the assistance and help you to guide a right selection of countries.

Opportunities for Scholarships/Assistatnships

We have all the detailed and updated information based upon the scholarship provided to the students as per the countries, through that we provide you the scholarship assistance that’s perfectly match to your academic and future plans.

Campus Safety

Our team researcher first makes review on all the information including with the university, quality of education, campus environment and culture by seeing all the possible scenarios we will guide you to make a perfect selection of campus.

Opportunities for Part time Jobs

At thalluri's after post departure, you can find the part time job assistance and guidance, Apart from that we will be helping you with providing the support in terms of guidance.

Feedback from Existing Students

There are many students in different parts of the world got settled and satisfied by our services provided.


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