Application Processing

-  Online Application

-  Admission Documents

-  How to Order Transcripts

-  Statement of Purpose

-  Resume

-  Recommendation Letters

-  Dispatch of Documents to the Universities

-  Application Followup

Online Application Processing

This is the most important stage where each and every Individual seeker is requested to apply for Indian visa through online application process in order to make an application for Visa.

Admission Documents

The following below are the several formalities which is required for completing the admission process.

-  Deadline of the department concerned

-  List of documents required for admission

-  Different approaches to know the admission status

-  Deadline of the Graduate School/University/College

-  Pre-requisite requirements and test Information (TOEFL, PTE, IELTS etc.)

-  Application fees and payment formalities

-  List of documents required for admission

-  Where the application material has to be sent to various locations

-  Different approaches to know the admission status

-  Contact methods to know about the Letter of Offer/I-20 dispatch status

Thalluri's expertise keeps regular interaction with admission offices of most colleges/universities, In order to help us in tracking the information for above aspects and give you the unattainable services while completing the admission process formalities on your behalf.

How to Order Transcripts

Generally the transcripts define the statement of your academic record obtained from the certified university.

If you are requesting for transcript list subject to the level of course graduate or undergraduate, in case of any discrepancy our thalluri's consultant assists you for obtaining the process of transcripts.

Statement of Purpose

Each Department/University has some specific requirement for preparing a statement of purpose or else it can be named as statement of purpose.

The statement of purpose plays a crucial role to make or break the application; if statement of purpose is good then universities look minor deficiencies and make a positive decision.

If the statement of Purpose is badly obtained or prepared from the universities or college then nothing can help a student, even other aspects of application are good enough.

When necessary, thalluri's review the sop and evaluates the content and suggest changes to correct and make the statement of purpose more effectively.

Thalluri's has developed a complete application support kit which include

-  Sample Statement of purpose

-  Statement of purpose Guidelines

-  Statement of purpose Do's and Don'ts

Recommendation Letters

Like the Statement of Purpose, this step is also plays an important role for the completion of admission process.

-  After reviewing, all the details thalluri's gives a beneficial suggestion for the future point of view.

-  Which are the most effective recommendations ?

-  Who should recommend ?

-  What are the decisions to be taken based on the content of recommendation ?

-  Thalluri's first evaluates all the furnished information and if necessary helps to edit the recommendation letter as per the needs of universities, In order to improve the overall application and strength of students.


Resume plays an important role because it’s the thing which determine you, who are you?, education background and various course of details, so finally we can say the resume leaves impact as the index of yours.

Dispatch of Documents to the Univertsities

This is one of the pro active methods to complete the application process by submitting the required documents to the University.

In this process, our thalluri's by reviewing all the documents required for the admission process helps you in the dispatch of documents to Universities.

Application Followup

In this step we will regular follow up the Universities to resolve the queries required for the completion of admission process.


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